Birdcage Resort stands for safety, responsibility, sustainability and personal well-being

Your safety is our first priority.

24-hour emergency service in case of any problems or medical assistance near the hotel.

The entry and exit door are secured with RFI cards and Video surveillance of all public areas.

Your valuable items are insured in your room safe free of charge during your stay.

To safe your body from iterations, our swimming pool is lightly salted for a natural chlorine production and our jacuzzi includes ozone for disinfection.

We mostly use exclusively organic products for our food offering to ensure your health and to the preservation
of the diversity of nature.

We serve local products to keep the transport route low.

Our buffet is refilled based on consumption and we avoid overfilling it in order to reduce food waste.

We separate your garbage into glass, plastic, paper and metal and lead them to the recycling cycle.

We use oil care products instead of toxic paints to preserve the wooden furniture and windows to safe
your healthy.

We try to avoid the use of plastic products and largely use biodegradable cleaning agents for cleaning.

We only change and wash the bed linen and towels according to your wishes in order to keep freshwater consumption as low as possible and to avoid exposure to detergents

Our plastic-free cosmetic products being purchased from garnished, secured countries with decent working conditions.

Our beds are based on organic cotton and the duvets are coming from species-appropriate attitude.

We also offer allergy-friendly bedding on request.

We are saving electricity in rooms with Power-safer and lamps mainly made of led or energy-saving light bulbs. This counts for the whole Resort.

We use solar energy for heating the pool the jacuzzi and the warm water for the bathrooms.

In our garden we have many plants to safe the nature for insects and bees and we leave the fruits on the palm trees for wild birds such as parrots.

We obtain our energy from wind power or solar energy providers “green energy”.

Further activities or implementations are planned in the near future.